Express service "AutoBOX express"

Franchise "AutoBOX express"
50 BGN without VAT, after the first year
One time franchise fee: 
1000 BGN or 2000 BGN without VAT, depending of the region
Advertising fee: 
Additional investment required: 
depending of concrete unit
Duration of franchise agreement: 
3 years
Start of activity: 
1994 year
Start of franchise activity: 
2011 year
Units opened by Franchisee: 
21 auto service centers
Units opened by Franchisor: 
6 auto service centers

Moving ahead together


Become a franchise partner of AutoBOX, part of a large national chain, leader in post-warranty and express automobile service.

Thanks to their experience and better pricing terms any existing auto center that joins the chain can significantly increase sales and market share.

Every new auto center franchisee can start a business with a flying start.

For more information please, don't hesitate to contact us.