International chain of quick service restaurants "Chitir Chicken"

Franchise "Chitir chicken"

International chain of quick service restaurants "Chitir Chicken"


“Chitir Chicken” – Enjoy a unique taste !

The owners of “Chitir Chicken” have entered the fast food market in England in 1996. Over the years they opened in total 17 outlets and gained considerable experience and knowledge in the field. To have a growing fast food sector you need inexpensive ready food and equipments. They noticed that business owners were getting those products from different suppliers. There was a gap in the market and, in 2009 they decided to move there operations to Turkey. Until the first half of 2014 the company carried on intensive research and development phase to manufacture pressure fryers, hot displays, breading flours and dip sauces which all are needed for serving fried chicken. Thus, we could be able to supply all those to our franchise partners branded as “Chitir Chicken”. Until now the chain has opened more then 60 restaurants in Turkey and in other countries in Europe as well.

We are looking a Master franchisee for Bulgaria.

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