Pizzeria "Mamma Mia"

Pizzeria "Mamma Mia"
4 % on month gross sales,but not less then 2000 BGN
One time franchise fee: 
20 000 BGN without VAT
Advertising fee: 
1 % on month gross sales
Additional investment required: 
between 200 000 BGN and 350 000 BGN
Duration of franchise agreement: 
10 years

Pizzeria Mamma Mia is a brand with 20-year tradition and we dare to say an excellent reputation.


Pizzeria Mamma Mia is brand with 20-year tradition and we dare to say an excellent reputation. This reputation is not casual - for us the delight from pizzas, pasta, spices and the authentic taste of old Italy are more than religion. We prepare food with care and style, directly drawing inspiration by our numerous visits to Apennine peninsula. Some of them have been real research expeditions searching for traditional, unique skills of local chefs and as we learned from our good friend Massimo Orio, chef at «Gato Rosso» restaurant in the Southern town of Taranto, in the Apulia district, «there is nothing better than mother`s cooking–if you want one and only advise, always cook with passion and informally, with the best fresh products. Because informally is the best.» We follow continually until today this advice of his. Of course for us most important remain la gente– the people who stay with us. We think highly of warmth in relations, cozy of experience and the assiduous attendance – because there is nothing better than classical Southern Italian cooking in friendly atmosphere, served with care at detail. We are proud that we do not have just «customers», but followers – for whom we always cook with inspiration. We do our best each of your visiting at restaurant from the «Mamma Mia» chain to turn into authentic experience, from which remain tasty memories –in order to be able to meet you again and again. And as we insist on being close to you even when we are not together in our restaurants, we offer also fast deliveries to your home. Because we never forget Massimo and his «informally».

In 2009 the company is certified according ISO 9001:2008–international quality standard, determining permanent high requirements and guaranteeing continuous control on all processes, with the purpose to be ensured offering of product with permanent high quality, which shall comply with the requirements of our customers, as we aim at continuous increase of their satisfaction.

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