Pump System Franchise

Franchise Pump System
5 % on month gross sales,but not less then 500 BGN. The first two months are free of charge.
One time franchise fee: 
12 500 BGN
Advertising fee: 
1 % on month gross sales
Additional investment required: 
renting and repairing of a store; initial delivery of goods and software;
Duration of franchise agreement: 
5 years

Complete solutions from PUMP SYSTEM

As our name speaks, we mainly focus on the marketing of pumps and pumping systems, everything needed for water and sewage systems, HVAC installations, irrigation, solar systems and hoses. Over time, we have understood the client's needs and the fact that he is looking for the overall service, including design, distribution, construction and maintenance of the systems. This is where our uniqueness lies - customers are looking for our complete solutions because they save money and time.

 We are evolving, you are developing !

The desire to develop at a higher level and the desire to offer their know-how to ambitious entrepreneurs lead Pump System to step up a franchise. Each Franchisee receives discounts, preferential prices, leasing and other attractive terms that are negotiated in advance. Great advantages are that the company offers a franchise on the territory of the whole country and the first two months after the opening of the site, the franchisee is exempt from a monthly fee.
We are up to you !
By purchasing the franchise, you can be sure that you will get the necessary support and knowledge, we have gained with years of work. You will have access to the full product range of Pump System at very preferential prices, including pumps, pumping systems, all for plumbing, heating and irrigation installations. If you need it, it is our team's option to train personnel to perform installation and maintenance of the above-mentioned installations.
Now you are on the move. The solution is entirely in your hands!

Anyone with a desire and motivation for development can purchase our franchise. Previous business experience is an asset in your hands, but even if you do not have one in the field of trade or working with specialized equipment and construction of plumbing and HVAC installations, do not worry! Each franchisee will receive detailed technical training that will bring it into the industry. Successful sales and marketing training will also be conducted to help the site perform well. Pump System provides its franchisees with advertising and marketing support.

For more information please, don't hesitate to contact us.