Become a franchisor

Become a franchisor

How and whether to proceed to the franchise model of development?

If years ago you had a good idea and have decided to implement, certainly during this time you are faced with many problems, which had to find a solution. You have taken many risks of which some are errors that are costly ,while you are receding from your goal, instead of vice versa. You have had many sleepless nights reflecting on important decisions that you are about to develop. These are just some of the traps of businesses that have overcome over the years to turn your idea into a successful and at the same time a strong and sustainable business.

If all this is behind you, you're ready to take the next step.

Want to expand and increase your market share, your brand to become even stronger and to be a symbol of quality and satisfied customers ?

- Invest Point Bulgaria will provide a different perspective on how we can make this happen, helping you to find the right decision. Considering making the strategic decision to step on the path of franchising, we can be inseparably to you from the beginning and throughout a long and thorny path to your success.

Why franchising? Franchising has proven most successful and profitable business model for development. Some of the largest companies in the world have reached this level thanks to their choice to grow through franchising - McDonald's, Coca Cola, Burger King, KFC, RE / MAX, Holiday Inn, Carrefour, Hilton, Sheraton.... Naturally, these companies have chosen to grow through franchising is not by chance, but because of the many advantages that it provides and, given that each franchisee actually invest in their business, as they have done so. The franchisee is not just a worker and owner of a small part of their chain and also as they strive for the overall success of the company. Every success of the company and its success - his every achievement is an achievement for the whole company. Of course, this is not the only advantage of franchising over the other standard business models and not every business is possible to grow through franchising.

The first step in the process of switching from a standard model of development to the franchise is the answer to these two questions.

Your Business Is suitable for franchising?

Franchising is correct development strategy for you?

These questions may be answered after study and assessment in the readiness of your business, and what are your views and goals you have set.

Invest Point Bulgaria can offer you a full range of consulting services in the field of franchising, which are described below and which will inevitably have a need to develop a successful franchise concept.

Evaluation analysis


This is the first and also one of the most important steps towards franchise concept, as not every business is suitable for franchising. We will conduct a full detailed review and assessment of your activity level management structure and financial parameters. At this stage you will get a clear answer as to whether this should be the end or beginning of your franchise journey.

We will prepare for you the recommended parameters of your franchise model, including entrance fee to acquire franchise rights monthly franchise fees, marketing and advertising, contract duration, and the possibility of additional revenue. Definition of forecast revenues and costs for the franchisor and future franchisees.




Operational Manual


We will provide an operational manual describing your successful business model, rules and know-how. This is the document which laid the foundation of every franchise model. The lack of an operational guide leads inevitably to failure and it is one of the criteria by which to recognize so-called "black franchises."

Preparation of franchise documents


Franchise contract is another document that is needed to turn in a franchise. It sets the basic parameters of your franchise model, and the protection provided for the use of the brand and know-how. On the legal aspect of the contract, we are working with attorneys who have years of experience in the Bulgarian legislation.

However, if you wish, you can use your company lawyer.


Sales strategy


Development of a strategy for making franchise sales. Concept for precise selection of future franchisees. Defining the target group/groups of potential franchisees and channels to reach them. Create a presentation franchise model and a list of additional materials that will be needed for its good performance.



Preparation and delivery of training depending on the specific requirements of each franchisor. Increasing knowledge of franchisees to conduct corporate documentation and training for the financial management of small companies. Perform franchise sales of franchise managers of the franchisor.

Franchise sales and resales


We seek and find well qualified and prospective franchisees according to your requirements and expectations.