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In our vision, making business means strong partnership. We are willing to present ourselves to you, to talk to you, to understand your challenges and together to take the best decisions.

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We can imagine a different perspective on how you can upgrade your existing successful business model.

For many franchisors, investors and managers 'marketing' is a concept shrouded in mystery, with questionable benefit...

Owning of a franchise license allows you to do business for Yourself and at the same time you are not alone in this...

In these volatile and difficult economic times, we are witnessing increase complexity, risk and effects of any...

Welcome to Invest Point Bulgaria

Welcome to Invest Point Bulgaria, ladies and gentlemen investors, hoteliers and franchisors. We are a dynamic and innovative company that offers consulting services in the field of franchising and helping entrepreneurs from starting their first business or expand their existing business model and hotel. Working hard for the promotion and development of franchising in Bulgaria, as this has been proven most successful and cost-effective development model. We strive to set the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial partnership between franchisors and franchisees.

We are committed to our customers to work with all forces for the successful development of their business and hotel, familiarizing them with unattainable advantages of the franchise concept and fighting side by side with them for accomplishing their goals.

We are providing to all entrepreneurs who want to start their first trip alone, consultation and help to choose the most appropriate type of business, brand and established franchisor.

We have selected investors, many different businesses with established, proven and successful franchise systems and hotels. If you have a specific idea for starting a business venture, let us know and we will guide you in order to reduce the risk which will have to bear, and at the same time to turn your idea into a profitable business. If you are considering making the strategic decision to step on the path of franchising, we will show all our support to you from the beginning and throughout a long and thorny path to your success.