Franchise sales and resales

Franchise sales and resales

Why to start a business, buying a franchise license ?

Owning of a franchise license allows you to do business for Yourself and at the same time you are not alone in this endeavor.

Franchising allows franchisees to operate their businesses independently and on their own account, following the rules of the franchisor.

By franchising you get a proven brand or service to your prospective clients . This gives you the advantage to have many more clients in the beginning of your business, that would otherwise take you years to increase your client portfolio.

Franchising significantly increases your chances of business success because you are part of a larger family of proven products and methods of management.

The franchisee may offer its customers a higher level of quality and consistency, following the successful operating system of the franchisor, described in detail in the Operations Manual.

Buying a franchise license, you reduce your business risk.

Franchisees are supported in almost all aspects of the business that started. Read more

Here are just some of them:

Help before engaging in opening a business:

  • Preparation of precise financial plan of investment
  • Selecting a location
  • Financing
  • Plan, design, furniture and construction site
  • selecting the correct suppliers of quality equipment
  • Negotiating delivery prices
  • Training
  • Overall organization of business processes
  • Operating aid
  • Correct estimating the prices of sale
  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Cost cutting

Continuous support and assistance after the opening:

  • Standardized and tested operating procedures
  • Continuous support & follow up on training
  • National and / or regional advertising
  • Standardized products and financial systems
  • Continuous support of management level
  • Help to fight competition
  • Pricing
  • Create and manage promotions
  • Development and implementation of business innovation
  • Identification and implementation of best practices in business
  • Using the experience and support of both the franchisor and the other franchisees