International brand "The Kase"

Franchise "The Kase"

   is an international brand with unique concept !


The KASE is an international brand , specializing in the sale and customization of accessories for laptops and tablets. Founded in France in 2012, The KASE openes stores all over the world.The KASE concept offers a unique shopping experience , through a wide selection of exclusive products created by our community of designers and a revolutionary customization system , all in a luxurious setting. The unique concept (or UNIK ) defines The KASE brand. They offer exclusive collections, created by their community of 4,500 international designers, and customization in all the stores. The KASE mission is to make all products UNIK, reflecting your personality , your mood , or just what you want it to be . Each store has a customization printer, "The Kase ID" , which gives you the ability to customize most smartphones or tablets within a few minutes. Their sales staff is there to help and advise you.

The KASE introdicing the concept (video presentation) :

The accessory market for smartphones and tablets is one of the most dynamic markets in the world with 1 billion smartphones sold in 2014 and an estimated 1.6 billion sold in 2016.
The Kase takes this opportunity to transform a product market "Utilities" in full-fledged fashion accessories.
The Kase  take a decision to grow using the best strategie ever known - the franchise!

We are looking for innovative and responsible person to become a Master Franchisee for Bulgaria.   

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