About us

About us

Who we are

Invest Point Bulgaria is a dynamic and innovative company located in Plovdiv Bulgaria which is the leader in franchising consultancy in the region.

Invest Point was created with the purpose of helping with the business ideas, and to offer the best possible advices to the client, in order to enable him to take relevant strategic decisions for his chain stores business or brands, decisions for sales and revenue growth, and overall business growth.

We believe in the conception of the franchise as a mean of the business growth because it has been proven that a “ready made business concept” is guaranteed to return fast results.

In our vision, making business means strong partnership. We are willing to present ourselves to you, to talk to you, to understand your challenges and together to take the best decisions.

Our job is to advise in the best way possible our clients and they business. ıYı


What we do

We help young entrepreneurs with the “start-ups” business in the franchising field which fits their vision and expectations.

We help you, identifying the franchise and franchisor with which you will build a strong business relation.

We offer you a different point of view on your future business.

We are creating for you marketing strategies models for regional and abroad business development.

We are offering complete analysis and preparing franchise formats (health check).

We analyze and transform the standard business model into franchise format business.




Our Mission is:

  • To eliminate the risks associated with a fast expansion on the market .

  • To present the franchise conception to all business people, both commerce and manufacturing zones, and to help them to take the best decisions in order to make any transition/transformation as smooth as possible.

  • To help and guide young ambitious business peoples to avoid the challenges associated with their new business and personal development.

  • To help identify the most profitable methods of controlling a business ,when comes to a “start –up” in the franchise field.




Our vision is :

  • To guide our clients so that they can achieve their dreams.

  • To inspire young people and entrepreneurs to enter the path of the franchise, to make the right choices for their business development in their best interest.

  • To accomplish our 2020th vision, seeing actions how it becomes a reality.




Social responsibility

Our social responsibility:

  • To work hard and do everything in our power to bring our Bulgarian students from abroad and to develop their potential and improve their abilities in our beautiful country.

  • To fight against the massive exploitation of our beautiful forests.

  • To be committed to the welfare of society and to act as proud descendants of our great ancestors.