Franchise marketing and sale strategies

Franchise marketing and sale strategies - Franchise Bulgaria

Franchise marketing and sale strategies

It goes without saying that you must first have made a marketing plan and sales strategy franchise licenses in order to succeed as a franchisor.

Otherwise you will face the sad reality to offer a successful business model and at the same time for all the years I have become a franchisor, you have only a few franchisee. Invest Point Bulgaria will advise you how to create your franchise brochure design website and e-brochure and all other marketing materials. Will help you develop and optimize the entire media mix to ensure a high level of supply of your franchise concept. We will develop a strategy for you to reach qualified and financially stable franchisees using "external" and "internal" channels. To sell franchise licenses, you should start by identifying prospective franchisees and make them interested in your franchise concept. The franchisor must know where advertising will be most effective and which marketing messages will attract most attention. And here again there are new challenges, as each region in Bulgaria has its own particularities and differences. In many cases the preparation of a regional strategy for growth is going according on the characteristics of a particular region or country. Building a winning marketing plan and sales strategy is a long and yet very important process for the conversion of your franchisor with several retail outlets in a franchise chain with national or international coverage.

For many franchisors, investors and managers 'marketing' is a concept shrouded in mystery, with questionable benefit for the company, but always associated with considerable costs. You've heard the joke that half of advertising is unnecessary, but it is not clear which half. Read more

"Marketing is the art of attracting and retaining profitable customers."

Philip Kotler